Western Lands.

Session 26: The sword made of flies.

Attendance: Urist, Oliver, Fra

Recap: Invited by Molli to act as official Harpers during a very important meeting amongst some of the more senior Blades, Harpers and Black Guards. You got a shiny pin and everything.
Lots of festival barrels, some of which had SWORDS. Some of which cows and the best of which had rotting cows. A bit of investigation and you discovered that falling over one is not a clever idea and sometimes cow corpses can have skulls inside of them.

KABLASH and bonepowder dust everywhere. Lots of dead folks. Ghouls everywhere mostly waving back and forth without even having the teeth to chew flesh.
Wasn't all that nice. At least you met a "friendly" pink cat who, seeing as she was down three guard was willing to grant you the honour of being her escort.

AND INTO THE SEWER WE GO. Next time if there is one.

Loot: Three pins I guess? Also Fra picked up a skull.

XP: Uh… About that.




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