Western Lands.

Session 27: Flailing Ever Onwards.

Attendance: Urist, Oliver, Fra, Sven

Recap: Half submerged in murky water, you managed to get yourself to safe ground and encountered an old friend! What Sven is doing wandering around the sewers is a mystery known only to his special cat brain.
Sadly, that way out was blocked by a very slowly moving flail-snail that was quite interested in the noise. In the relaxed escape route out you bumped into tunnels filled with poisonous gas and some of everyones favourite monsters those pesky Carrion Crawlers.

Maybe one day those things will stay down.  Urist pilfered a couple of mostly ruined gemstone fragments and Sven eventually remembered what it was like to breath fresh air. Sadly, the way out was about 20ft above you. Fortunately, Urist has a grappling hook. By the time he got up there, the shadow of the snail was looming over the rest of the poor group.

Loot: Couple of gemstones that have seen better days. Around 23GP when appraised and sold on.



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