Western Lands.

Session 28: MOTHS. FLAMES. NOT-MEEKO. SHIPS. OH MY. Also goat seduction.

Attendance: Urist, Oliver, Fra, Sven, AND FOR A SURPRISE APPERANCE TUMBLES.

Recap: OKAY. This is probably going to be the most difficult one of these I have wrote so far.

You arrived on an island that seemed to be not at all like Slateholme. The trees were dead and covered in moths, the ground was sanctified about sven times over. Oh and there was a fire blazing in the distance.

You met a girl. She was nice, til she turned out to be made of moths. So Sven burnt her because she asked nicely and Tumbles got a freaking bad arse cloak out of it. Wasn't that keen on Oliver though.

Urist and Fra went off for a stumble and found a cottage. Met a cool guy who claimed to be the high spanner of some God Engineers. Had a house full of mirrors that showed some kinda Inevitable monster that would eventually track them down. Maybe. Was a nice enough guy, warned them not to fiddle with other temples as some people hold grudges. Especially the guys with the boat.

Oliver found the boat. Had a touching moment with Molli. Rest of the crew found the boat.
You now have a boat. Also Urist is handcuffed to the main mast to stop him throwing himself overboard.

Also some evil fella is sitting in a cage burning. AND HE LOVES IT.

So next time. SEA ADVENTURES.

Tumbles: Moon-Booned Cloak Y
ou have a cloak that is blessed by the Moon. You have fire resistance [All fire damaged halved] and the ability to cast burning hands once a day. Shame you are stalked by a cloud of moths constantly.
A diamond. Worth 50GP.

Urist: Couple of Golden pieces of screws. Worth maybe five GP if you can find someone to sell them to.

Sven: A diamond. Worth 50GP

Oliver: A Golden Whistle. The Heads on the ship won't take their eyes off it.

Fra: A golden tongue. Ew. About 5gp. But no one is going to want this. It's really quite gross.

XP: Everyone is now level 5!
Go make sure you do that before next Saturday.



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