Western Lands.

Session 30.5: Crypts & Crusaders

Attendance: Nameless, Sven Draumr

Following the advice of a kobold, the two adventurers were directed to the nearby temple of Bann Sidhe, goddess of death, because some really creepy things were going on. Stuff like ominous chanting that was coming from the crypts underneath instead of the choir. The pair went down, laid a bunch of skeletons to rest, found a spooky laboratory with an ogre corpse, and recently-turned vampire Wallace Grimm. Sven captured him easily and he revealed that he was working under an entity known as Ma Phestus, having been given a gift and an eye for the beauty of unlife. He also mentioned the trinket of twelve different holy symbols molded into one being a gift from that mysterious dark one as well. Wallace was brought back to the Black Feathers for possible detainment and/or mandatory staking.



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