Western Lands.

Session 31.5: Help! My dog accidently become a Steam Devil.

The Usual Culprits. This was mostly a casual RP session. Fra broke open a phylactery and fed it to MAGICAL SWORD, which has turned the blade into uh… some kinda magical prison thing chaining down skeletons? This surely will have no consequences ever.

Oh, and then Urist decided to go grab the Portfolio of Steam that was quickly dripping down to hell, forcing the bloody thing in his mug and draining it dry. He is now kind of uh… a steam dog? A VERY HOT STEAM DOG. Making about a million and one enemies in the process and joining the Abyssal Pantheon.
Sven meanwhile has probably got more notes about this bloody process than any other scholar in the lands, and Oliver is too good for all this shit, going off to give private dances to storevendors for healing potions.

You've all been given two bags of 775 Electrum pieces. That's 1,550 to be split amongst yourselves. These are worth roughly half a gold piece, but are quite difficult to get merchants to accept as they are an unusual form of currency.

Next session! Probably going to lay low for a bit, before the Vultures Bane gets turned into a bloody chapel.



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