Fra Ironblood

Bunny Bannerette.


I used to work for the Five-Axe Smugglers, started out small, but then they started dealing Devils’ Dust and it turned my nephew into a vegetable, right? So I turned evidence and myself in, when I got out of prison (the first time) I started working for the law…or at least for the people. Nothing will stop me from doing what’s right, right.

Molli needs to untwist her fancy panties.
Anyone can change, but trust is hard earned.
No cause is too small, no sidequest too out of the way.
Necromancers, right? Right

Molli – Harper, paladin, friend…used to be a lot more fun.
Warrens everywhere, yeah? – Very very very large family in far and wide places.
My Oath – Never again, not while I’m still standing.

I am very bold, often to the point of being reckless. I will always put myself between the bull and the peasant. Brave? Or Foolhardy?
“’S not a guilt complex or anything…” The rabbit woman rubs the back of her wrist against her nose.
Tendency to make as much trouble as she fixes.

Fra Ironblood

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