Urist McWooferson

Abyssal of Steam.


Urist McWooferson was your standard woofdorf, living his life normally until a roaming band of thieves ransacked his home and killed all of his friends while he was passed out after a whole week of binge drinking. Since then, he’d be training himself in the arts of thievery, honing both his body and mind to get back at them. And boy, sure he did. Now he’s an angry ball of seething rage, making riches and slitting throats. Probably both at the same time.

Ideals: With no family or guild left, all those whom he tolerates (and tolerate him) are what remain, to the point he’ll do anything for his friends.

Bonds: He feels incredible guilt for being piss out drunk while his woofdorf family and friends were being attacked by marauders.

Flaws: Urist has a tendency to make alterations or just outright ignore others’ plans if he deems them inferior. Which is… most of the cases.

Urist McWooferson

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