Western Lands.

Session 31.5: Help! My dog accidently become a Steam Devil.

The Usual Culprits. This was mostly a casual RP session. Fra broke open a phylactery and fed it to MAGICAL SWORD, which has turned the blade into uh… some kinda magical prison thing chaining down skeletons? This surely will have no consequences ever.

Oh, and then Urist decided to go grab the Portfolio of Steam that was quickly dripping down to hell, forcing the bloody thing in his mug and draining it dry. He is now kind of uh… a steam dog? A VERY HOT STEAM DOG. Making about a million and one enemies in the process and joining the Abyssal Pantheon.
Sven meanwhile has probably got more notes about this bloody process than any other scholar in the lands, and Oliver is too good for all this shit, going off to give private dances to storevendors for healing potions.

You've all been given two bags of 775 Electrum pieces. That's 1,550 to be split amongst yourselves. These are worth roughly half a gold piece, but are quite difficult to get merchants to accept as they are an unusual form of currency.

Next session! Probably going to lay low for a bit, before the Vultures Bane gets turned into a bloody chapel.

Session 31: In medias res

Attendance: Urist, Oliver, Fra, & Sven.

A month down time in which Oliver made some coin, Urist got drunk, Fra become a paladin and Sven swooned a Kobold maiden.

Oh and then we jumped ahead to following a lead that led to being face to face with an Abyssal, a screaming giant skeletal maw that had two hundred shades bound to it. And Fra went turbosuperhyperbunny and wrecked most of them in a one on twohundred challenge to the whole bloody lot. Bit by bit, the group tore this thing to pieces.

The Steam Knight decided to pop on by [He's fast] and between the group was broken to pieces.

Next session I suppose we'll see what you get when you break up divine things!

Session 30.5: Crypts & Crusaders
Attendance: Nameless, Sven Draumr

Following the advice of a kobold, the two adventurers were directed to the nearby temple of Bann Sidhe, goddess of death, because some really creepy things were going on. Stuff like ominous chanting that was coming from the crypts underneath instead of the choir. The pair went down, laid a bunch of skeletons to rest, found a spooky laboratory with an ogre corpse, and recently-turned vampire Wallace Grimm. Sven captured him easily and he revealed that he was working under an entity known as Ma Phestus, having been given a gift and an eye for the beauty of unlife. He also mentioned the trinket of twelve different holy symbols molded into one being a gift from that mysterious dark one as well. Wallace was brought back to the Black Feathers for possible detainment and/or mandatory staking.

So you made it to the city! With the Hellboat quickly chomping on some boats.

Met a nihilistic bunny cleric who was happy to go word at you about The Abyssals like some living plot device! Turns out there are seventy seven devils living below the sea and their religion is mostly based around trying to make these things ignore them and go for other tasty targets.

Also explained a little about the Chroniclers of the Apocalypse, a bunch of scholars that were collecting knowledge with the purpose of compiling it before the end of the world. Also explained about the only legal adventuring guild in the area, a place called the Black Feathers Company.

So yeah. A little ghoul cat warned you not to go down a road because there was mines there but you guys decided to prod them anyway.


Tumbles was a candle but thankfully he has a magic cape of not being on fire that saved him a little.

So you ended up going there, met an old face [Elison. Bitch arse rabbit who was being used by the Vulture Beak group a long time ago] who was now working for this new guild. Fra went missing, met Dusty who decided to chomp on a hobgoblin corpse. She stole a bit of him with some bellows and put it in a jar

Then put that jar in a cauldron. Then freaked out and Tumbles was very brave and did his first ever exorcism!

So yeah contracts were signed. Sven got an awesome one and the rest got kinda subpar ones. At least some rooms were provided.


Session 29: Boldly going forward 'cause we can't find reverse.

Attendance: Urist, Oliver, Fra, Sven & Tumbles.

Okay so the Hellship jumps planes. Lots of them.
You went to the sky. And hell. And the fairy realms

Also interrogated some skulls. And kinda realised that the ship is pretty awful.
Except for Tumbles who REALLY wants to get splinters.

You are now in the port of Ravenstone. It is grim up north, you know?


Several dozen Imps.

Session 28: MOTHS. FLAMES. NOT-MEEKO. SHIPS. OH MY. Also goat seduction.

Attendance: Urist, Oliver, Fra, Sven, AND FOR A SURPRISE APPERANCE TUMBLES.

Recap: OKAY. This is probably going to be the most difficult one of these I have wrote so far.

You arrived on an island that seemed to be not at all like Slateholme. The trees were dead and covered in moths, the ground was sanctified about sven times over. Oh and there was a fire blazing in the distance.

You met a girl. She was nice, til she turned out to be made of moths. So Sven burnt her because she asked nicely and Tumbles got a freaking bad arse cloak out of it. Wasn't that keen on Oliver though.

Urist and Fra went off for a stumble and found a cottage. Met a cool guy who claimed to be the high spanner of some God Engineers. Had a house full of mirrors that showed some kinda Inevitable monster that would eventually track them down. Maybe. Was a nice enough guy, warned them not to fiddle with other temples as some people hold grudges. Especially the guys with the boat.

Oliver found the boat. Had a touching moment with Molli. Rest of the crew found the boat.
You now have a boat. Also Urist is handcuffed to the main mast to stop him throwing himself overboard.

Also some evil fella is sitting in a cage burning. AND HE LOVES IT.

So next time. SEA ADVENTURES.

Tumbles: Moon-Booned Cloak Y
ou have a cloak that is blessed by the Moon. You have fire resistance [All fire damaged halved] and the ability to cast burning hands once a day. Shame you are stalked by a cloud of moths constantly.
A diamond. Worth 50GP.

Urist: Couple of Golden pieces of screws. Worth maybe five GP if you can find someone to sell them to.

Sven: A diamond. Worth 50GP

Oliver: A Golden Whistle. The Heads on the ship won't take their eyes off it.

Fra: A golden tongue. Ew. About 5gp. But no one is going to want this. It's really quite gross.

XP: Everyone is now level 5!
Go make sure you do that before next Saturday.

Session 27: Flailing Ever Onwards.

Attendance: Urist, Oliver, Fra, Sven

Recap: Half submerged in murky water, you managed to get yourself to safe ground and encountered an old friend! What Sven is doing wandering around the sewers is a mystery known only to his special cat brain.
Sadly, that way out was blocked by a very slowly moving flail-snail that was quite interested in the noise. In the relaxed escape route out you bumped into tunnels filled with poisonous gas and some of everyones favourite monsters those pesky Carrion Crawlers.

Maybe one day those things will stay down.  Urist pilfered a couple of mostly ruined gemstone fragments and Sven eventually remembered what it was like to breath fresh air. Sadly, the way out was about 20ft above you. Fortunately, Urist has a grappling hook. By the time he got up there, the shadow of the snail was looming over the rest of the poor group.

Loot: Couple of gemstones that have seen better days. Around 23GP when appraised and sold on.

Session 26: The sword made of flies.

Attendance: Urist, Oliver, Fra

Recap: Invited by Molli to act as official Harpers during a very important meeting amongst some of the more senior Blades, Harpers and Black Guards. You got a shiny pin and everything.
Lots of festival barrels, some of which had SWORDS. Some of which cows and the best of which had rotting cows. A bit of investigation and you discovered that falling over one is not a clever idea and sometimes cow corpses can have skulls inside of them.

KABLASH and bonepowder dust everywhere. Lots of dead folks. Ghouls everywhere mostly waving back and forth without even having the teeth to chew flesh.
Wasn't all that nice. At least you met a "friendly" pink cat who, seeing as she was down three guard was willing to grant you the honour of being her escort.

AND INTO THE SEWER WE GO. Next time if there is one.

Loot: Three pins I guess? Also Fra picked up a skull.

XP: Uh… About that.



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